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Dr. Rove Uses Psychology To Defeat Hilary



Karl Rove misdiagnosis of Hilary Clinton’s 2012 fall became public in 2014 because he’s wanting to saturate the echo chamber with the idea that she’s too old to run for office and he’s scared that Democrats may elect the first female president in 2016. But, we know that facts don’t matter to Dr. Rove. It’s just spin in the end – at least that’s how he sees it.

Dr. Rove turned a 3 day hospital visit into a 30 day visit just like he turned Mitt Romney’s presidential defeat into a win in 2012. Once an idea is planted in his mind facts never get in his way. A good smear job is all this amounts to.

Today, we have other quotable notables like Newt Gingrich from the right wing stepping forward expressing outrage about what the good Dr. Rove said. Tomorrow, closer to election day, they’ll be flipping and flopping about age if their Benghazi double down doesn’t work.

But, what if this is more than just a smear campaign? Let’s look at this as a way of feeding Hilary’s mind with “you look sick” psychology and by the end of the day, she starts feeling sick or too old to run.

Next, right wing operatives will have Hilary Clinton faking the passing of a medical exam. If it sticks Dr. Rove wins.

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