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Yes, Homosexuality Absolutely is A Choice

John makes a clear point about LGBT – one that people should pay attention to.

john pavlovitz


Confession time.

To all of my Christian brothers and sisters who insist that homosexuality is a choice, I need to break down and finally admit something: I agree with you.

I believe that it absolutely is a choice too, only not in the way that you may have meant.

But I guess that’s largely the crux of the problem we have here. I think you use your terms too loosely without really thinking them through. When you say quite matter-of-factly that homosexualityis a choice, I’m not sure you really know in that moment, just what you mean by “homosexuality”.

Far too often Christian, when you make the statement that being gay is a sin, what you’re really doing without realizing it is reducing all LGBT people down to a sex act; as if that alone defines sexuality.

You’re denying any emotional component in their lives; any capacity to feel real love or show genuine affection toward someone…

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Yes, Homosexuality Absolutely is A Choice

Yes, Homosexuality Absolutely is A Choice.

Backfile checking Rex and everyone else: the forgotten history of the KKK and the NEA

Ducks and Economics

Last month, retired philanthropist Rex Sinquefield ignited a storm of controversy by claiming that the public school system was a creation driven at least partly by the efforts of the Ku Klux Klan. Sinquefield cited an op-ed in an obscure Missouri publication for support of this claim, but wound up apologizing for his statement. And that is where the debate ended.

It is unfortunate that no one has thought to consider this subject further. That is because there is documented history of the involvement of the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist organizations in the evolution of American public education and the National Education Association. Consider this excerpt from a review of Doug Lawson’s book “The Department of Education Battle, 1918-1932: Public Schools, Catholic Schools, and the Social Order“:

The efforts of the educational trust were supported by a number of organizations that fostered civic progressivism, including…

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Missouri Amendment 1- Vote NO!

Responsible producers raise healthy livestock and poultry w/o unnecessary drugs. “Dead Boxes” CAFO’s use cannibal feeding approach – puts dead diseased carcasses in animal feed. Growth hormones producing livestock and poultry bigger faster but killing people – #moleg Stop IT! Vote No on Al

Truth Farmer

From Michael Evans:

And…. Why YOU Should Vote NO on Missouri’s Proposed Constitutional Amendment 1 – “Right To Farm”

On Monday, a meeting was held in a townhall style at the West Plains Civic Center so that folks could better understand the proposed Constitutional Amendment 1 aka “Right To Farm” Bill.  I attended this meeting and so I thought I would provide those who were unable to make it with a report on what transpired.  Feel free to forward to your “Circle of Influence” whether you agree with my observations or not.

First, let me state unequivocally that I support the unlimited protection of family farms, farmers and family ranchers.  But I firmly believe this bill will do no such thing.

The meeting was sponsored by supporters of the bill.  The people sitting at the ‘speaker’ table were Shawn Rhodes and a legislative employee from the Missouri Legislature.  They…

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Reince Priebus’ Letter To Mr. And Mrs. Bergdahl

Great post addressing this RWNJ take on this soldier who has just spent 5 yrs. in captivity.

The Erstwhile Conservative: A Blog of Repentance

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bergdahl,

Hello. You probably don’t know me, but my name is Reince Priebus. I am head of the Republican Party, when Rush Limbaugh is off the air or under the influence of narcotics. I am the guy who, along with Mitt Romney, began exploiting the Benghazi tragedy before we even knew what happened or how many had been killed. I told the world how pathetic it was that President Obama “sympathizes with attackers.” Heck, I said that before I knew any of the facts. That’s how propagandistically efficient I am, when it comes to The Scary Negro.

Now, it has probably come to your attention that my party is pedal-to-the-metal exploiting the release from captivity of your son, Bowe. I heard a Fox host say this morning, with jubilation in his voice, that “This story is just getting rolling, really.” Isn’t it nice to have friends?…

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Class War, American Style – Part I – Health Care

Nicely broken down and explained – the kind of writing I like – everyone understands it.

Rcooley123's Blog

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Health care is a human right. It should be available to all, regardless of income, wealth or any other means by which people may be differentiated from one another. The health care system in this country has been abysmal for many years. Millions languishing with an inability to pay for the care necessary to keep them healthy, restore them to health, or even keep them alive. This in a nation which has had the best medical technology and treatments available anywhere in the world. That so many have such inadequate access to the care they need and deserve is unacceptable.

Numerous attempts have been made at the federal level to address these issues. Medicare and Medicaid were enacted to address the needs of the elderly and the poor. but still millions were left with no form of health insurance to help them deal with the rapidly increasing…

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Welcome To The Ozarks, Where Even The Tree Rats Are White

This is a must read article. You nailed it!

The Erstwhile Conservative: A Blog of Repentance

Less than an hour’s drive from Joplin is a town called Marionville, located about 14 miles south of Interstate 44. The town’s website describes it as,

a charming community located in the heart of the Ozarks in Lawrence County, Southwest Missouri. Marionville has a population of white squirrels, which is one of a handful of such populations in the United States.

Visitors come to Marionville in hopes of catching a glimpse of our white squirrels.

I kid you not. White squirrels.

The entire country had a chance to meet one of those white squirrels recently. His name is Dan Clevenger and you’ll soon find out where he hides his nuts. In the mean time, in case you’ve never seen a white squirrel, here’s a picture of one:


Dan Clevenger owns an engine repair shop in Marionville. And, uh, he’s also the mayor.

In Marionville, not only are the squirrels white…

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Make the Minimum Wage a Living Wage

Rcooley123's Blog

During his State of the Union Address to Congress on February 12, 2013, President Obama stated,“Tonight, let’s declare that, in the wealthiest nation on Earth, no one who works full time should have to live in poverty – and raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour.”

The idea that people working full time should not have to live in poverty is not new. It has been put forth for many years, including by FDR. President Obama went on further to say, “Let’s tie the minimum wage to the cost of living, so that it finally becomes a wage you can live on.”  This approach of using automatic cost-of-living-adjustments has been in place for Social Security benefits for years, and negates the necessity to pass new laws every time the minimum wage becomes so outdated in purchasing power that it is no longer a living wage.

If the…

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Krugman on the Ugly Truth

Long ago, when subsidies helped many poor farmers, you could defend the whole package as a form of support for those in need. Over the years, however, the two pieces diverged. Farm subsidies became a fraud-ridden program that mainly benefits corporations and wealthy individuals. Meanwhile food stamps became a crucial part of the social safety net.

So House Republicans voted to maintain farm subsidies — at a higher level than either the Senate or the White House proposed — while completely eliminating food stamps from the bill.

To fully appreciate what just went down, listen to the rhetoric conservatives often use to justify eliminating safety-net programs. It goes something like this: “You’re personally free to help the poor. But the government has no right to take people’s money” — frequently, at this point, they add the words “at the point of a gun” — “and force them to give it to the poor.”

It is, however, apparently perfectly O.K. to take people’s money at the point of a gun and force them to give it to agribusinesses and the wealthy.

Seniors for a Democratic Society

Hunger Games, U.S.A.


Something terrible has happened to the soul of the Republican Party. We’ve gone beyond bad economic doctrine. We’ve even gone beyond selfishness and special interests. At this point we’re talking about a state of mind that takes positive glee in inflicting further suffering on the already miserable.

The occasion for these observations is, as you may have guessed, the monstrous farm bill the House passed last week.

For decades, farm bills have had two major pieces. One piece offers subsidies to farmers; the other offers nutritional aid to Americans in distress, mainly in the form of food stamps (these days officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP).

Long ago, when subsidies helped many poor farmers, you could defend the whole package as a form of support for those in need. Over the years, however, the two pieces diverged. Farm subsidies became…

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