Class War, American Style – Part I – Health Care

Nicely broken down and explained – the kind of writing I like – everyone understands it.

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Health care is a human right. It should be available to all, regardless of income, wealth or any other means by which people may be differentiated from one another. The health care system in this country has been abysmal for many years. Millions languishing with an inability to pay for the care necessary to keep them healthy, restore them to health, or even keep them alive. This in a nation which has had the best medical technology and treatments available anywhere in the world. That so many have such inadequate access to the care they need and deserve is unacceptable.

Numerous attempts have been made at the federal level to address these issues. Medicare and Medicaid were enacted to address the needs of the elderly and the poor. but still millions were left with no form of health insurance to help them deal with the rapidly increasing…

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