Dialogue, Common Ground, and Blue v. Orange

Protests carry many names like “Rally” or “March” and here are some very good pointers here on how to conduct yourself. Excerpt: “Our legislative goals are the primary focus, but behind them is something even more important.

People. People whose rights and access to safe healthcare, safe abortion, are in extreme jeopardy. My rights, your rights, our rights.”

Voting laws that deliberately disenfranchise people are cynical and wrong. They undermine our Democracy! Voter Suppression is equally important as Gun Violence and the War On Women. The Do-Nothing Congress has done nothing long enough and now we must force them into ACTION! To deny one issue is the same as denying all of the issues.


Nobody drives halfway across Texas—or halfway across the country—because they are unsure about what they believe.

Nobody takes time off work to sit in a capitol extension overflow room for 9 hours hoping a really smart stranger will completely change his or her worldview.

Nobody shows up at a rally, ready to chant, carry signs, and find someone with a totally different belief system and have a deep, personal, life-changing conversation.


Trust me on this. 

It can be powerful to engage in dialogue with someone who doesn’t understand why you advocate for abortion rights, to share stories, to probe the uncomfortable space where your values and experience do or do not line up and discover common ground, but that’s a conversation that requires time, trust, and an assumption of good intentions.

Those are three things in very short supply when you are on the front lines of direct action.

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