The End of the GOP

Since 2010 state legislatures with Republican majorities have introduced and passed restrictive laws with the potential — and many argue the intent — of forcing widespread voter suppression, and to disenfranchise women, people of color, students, the elderly, and low-income communities.
The overall strategy has included efforts to:
• Pass laws that require voters to produce proof of citizenship;
• Make the voter registration process more difficult by eliminating Election Day registration and creating new restrictions on voter registration drives;
• Cut early and absentee voting periods;
• Make the restoration of voting rights more difficult;

Require eligible voters to possess current and valid state issued photo ID

90 Degrees to the Left

gop-casketThe current GOP is literally a dinosaur on its way to extinction, unless by a miracle it manages to change course, but I don’t believe in ‘miracles.’ They yearn for the “good ole days” so much that they are attempting, and unfortunately succeeding on red states where they control the government, to take the country back to another era, stubbornly refusing to advance forward and embrace the 21st Century. Instead they are stampeding back in time.

Their open dislike of today’s women is obvious. They despise modern women that have proved to be qualified to hold any position previously held only by men and in many instances performing better than men. The GOP is not happy to see that women, in the majority, are capable to juggle work, fun, home and family and that men usually drown in despair when placed in the same scenario as a single-mother. Women…

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