We’ve Come Too Far There’s No Turning Back



Steve Colbert sat down with Bill Moyers and discussed why the middle class is disappearing.  Moyers, who was present during Lyndon Johnson’s signing of voting rights bill, offered a revelation about the Supreme Court’s voting right’s decision. 

The basic premise of the American Dream is if you work hard you can make enough money to have a better life.  And, you can make a better life for yourself and your children. 

Instead, 49 million people in this country are using food stamps.  Not because they want to be on welfare, but because jobs today pay so low that they can’t afford a decent lively hood.  Moyer’s documentary, Two American Families premiering July 9th, talks to a few families.  He told us how these families were retrained, worked several jobs including a 2nd shift and found themselves making half the money they use to make from their factory jobs that had been closed. 

Comedy, as only Colbert can deliver it, started a satirical rendition about the middle class. 

Colbert quipped “You do understand capitalism don’t you” – here’s how Colbert explains it:  “the middle class did it to themselves:  they unionized, demanded better working conditions, they demanded better pay and we had no choice but to ship the jobs overseas.”

The conversation took a serious turn and concluded with a warning from Moyers.

The Supreme Court’s voting rights decision was a betrayal of people like Rep. John Lewis, Rep. Elijah Cummins, and Bernard Lafayette’s martyrdom. 

In time, the racist in the south will be overcome by the sheer weight of numbers by the Blacks and Hispanics and other people who are not going to put up with being mistreated again like they once were, Moyers warned.  The numbers will win in the long run.

Talk about a dose of inspiration.  “The number will win in the long run” applies to not only the population but more specifically it applies to the number of Democrats versus Republicans.  Democrats outnumber Republicans.  All we have to do is vote. 

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