When You Change the Message Democrats Will Win Elections



History proves that Republicans have no desire to govern on behalf of the people.  Republicans are threatened and know they will not be re-elected when their districts become filled by people of color.  They impose gerrymandering to keep strong Republicans together so they can be re-elected. 

In the US House of Representatives, an election is held every 2 years.  In the US Senate, an election is held every 6 years.  A district is redrawn based on the Census conducted every 10 years.  In a 10 year period of time, there are 5 elections to replace a Congressman and at least 1 election to replace a Senator.  The make-up of every community changes during that 10 year period of time. 

Some elected official don’t represent their constituents fairly and ignore their requests.  For example, 90% of Americans wanted a bill addressing gun violence, but the elected officials ignored their constituents and honored their corporate donors.  I don’t know about you, but I find this intolerable. 

Knowing the breakdown of your congressional district is imperative to winning an election.  You need to know how many strong and leaning Democrats live in your area.  A district once conceived as Republican may have changed.  Your Democratic committee chairman knows the breakdown of each district.  It behooves everyone to know that you have the power to elect a congressman that will represent you.

To win an election, Republicans want to discourage voters by making it expensive and inconvenient.  Republican legislatures across the country have been trying to deny millions of Americans access to voting. Our electoral system is divided into 50 states, more than 3,000 counties and approximately 13,000 voting districts, all separate and unequal.”  This leads to confusing and sometimes contradictory policies regarding ballot design, polling hours, voting equipment, voter registration requirements, and ex-felon votes rights.

When you do nothing, you’re allowing Republicans to beat you.  You deserve to have a voice in Congress that fight for you.  If you want to be heard, you have to send someone who believes in helping the people.  This requires everyone voting.


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